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We provide specialised one-on-one workshops for people with a disability and a keen interest in arts and crafts.

Making a dish at Grub Pottery studio

We rolled the clay after wedging it to remove all air bubbles. Then the slab was laid over a wooden form to create the shape of a shallow dish.

Raku pottery

Those pesky air bubbles burst and pieces were broken!

Raku bird

A raku bird survived the firing and made us all happy. 


We tried macrame with very fine thread, It was too fine! On the second go we used soft cotton thread to make a plant hanger. Much better!

Macrame bracelet & hair tie

After the plant hanger we tried using acorns and beads to make a bracelet. Experts!

Finished macrame

The gold thread was a bit tricky to tie the knots but we got there…

Water colour painting - Greeting cards

After practising the different marks and mixing colours to suggest flowers, we made a series of greeting cards.

Lino block carving - Designs & easy carve

We decided on some fruit designs. A light box was used to trace the designs and then transfer them to a block of easy carve lino.

Lino prints on paper

First we printed a large pineapple. Some people just can’t stop thinking about pineapples!

Lino block carving on traditional linoleum

Carving on traditional lino was much harder than using easy-carve lino.

Lino block carving of fruit designs

We also carved four smaller blocks, each depicting a different fruit.

Lino block printing on fabric

Four coloured squares have been printed onto canvas bags. The squares will be backgrounds for guess what?

Aromatherapy candles

We used small screw-lid tins, soy bean wax, coloured dyes and essential oils. The temperature had to be just right before adding the essential oils otherwise the perfume is spoiled.

Aromatherapy candles - more & more

We managed to work two melting pots at once, while measuring the temperature carefully. This enabled the production of larger jars with special essential oil blends. Labels have been designed and printed. They will soon be ready for a street stall.

A fun activity - Rock painting

We started painting rocks with acrylic paint and paint brushes. This was hard and messy. Posca pens were easier to handle and gave a better finish.

Rock cacti

These were cute but patience was needed to set the glue to hold them in place. It took over a week!

Painting & refining a mandala

This is the early stage of the work, with water colour painting finished and line work started. 

Mandala - nearly finished...

Wet on wet technique and ink markers were used to create an intricate design. When it was finished, a gold mat was added to the frame for some bling!

Origami fish

The folds were tricky but after practicing on lighter paper, we created these colourful critters!

Paper Quilling

Coloured strips of paper were used to make tiny flowers organised in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day. ❤️ It was fiddly and we had sticky fingers from the glue but the result was worth it. ❤️❤️

Tie Dyeing

Calico bags are great for shopping. Rubber bands were tied onto bags in different positions to create different patterns.

Tie Dyeing - In the pot and boiling for 30 minutes

We were happy with the results.

Tie Dyeing - Calico bags

The different methods of tying elastic bands created different patterns on the bags.

Tie Dyeing - Garments

T Shirts and tank tops were dyed also. Different colours were added to create different effects.

Gelli Printing - Leaf patterns on cushion covers

Autumn is a time when interesting leaves can be found on the ground. Time to make some prints!

Gelli Printing - Leaves of different colours and patterns

Cushion covers were printed using a Gel block, fabric ink, leaves, string and a Breyer to roll, roll, roll…

Gelli Printing - Abstract patterns on calico bags

This pattern was a happy accident. 🙂

Taming the Air Brush

Apart from a few splatters on the ceiling, paper mache east eggs were fun to decorate.

Airbrush - Making marks

Technique takes time and practice.

Airbrush & Mixed Media

A stencil of orchids was prepared then the bacground was painted with the air brush. The orchids petals were coloured using Copic markers.

Airbrush & Mixed Media - Native sun orchids

The black air brushed background made the orchids appear especially vivid.

Loom weaving with elastic bands

A fiddly activity that is fun when colours and different weaves are used to create.

Loom weaving - Fish tail pattern

Colourful bracelets that make great gifts for friends.

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